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Item# 4069

Grout Unit
  • Deutz 240HP hydraulic powerpack

  • Can mix 6000L litres total, 3000L in each bowl, and then simultaneously be grouting the hole with one bowl while mixing the next batch in the other
    bowl for continual supply

  • Each bowl has a Litre counter for water going in

  • Independent controls both at ground level and up top.  One person can operate the reel and the grout pump from the ground, while the other guy is mixing more cement

  • All steel plumbed

  • no hydraulic hosing

  • Fits on container pins

  • 250m of poly on the reel

  • It has all new hosing, E-stops, wiring, etc. for BHP Compliance, and it has not done any work since then.

  • Located in QLD

  • Asking price $115,000 plus GST 

  • More pictures available upon request

Enquire below.

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